Play Your Way

Welcome to the Obliviverse, where your story matters. Our interconnected universe of persistent stories and wipeless servers lend themselves to long standing storytelling. A place where your stories, triumphs and failures matter in a lasting and meaningful way.

Our FiveM World provides the adrenaline fueled rush of Grand Theft Auto in a fully developed MMORPG environment. Embark to a place where your story can unfold at your will and pace. With our custom framework you're able to RP out any scenario you could ever wish for.

Our ARK World is a persistent experience that retains its stories in an interconnected, story driven experience that is persistent cycle to cycle, and map to map allowing you to explore the fullest possibilities of your storyline, without having to worry about persistent 'storms' and resets.

All of our worlds exist within the same interconnected universe known as the Obliviverse. Experience the freedom to continue your story in multiple games, on multiple servers, with endless possibilities. Play your way.

Endless Possibilities

Whether you want to explore the sprawling city of Los Santos, get lost in the Wild West, survive the Zombie Apocalypse, build massive monoliths in a voxel world, or tame the strongest of dinosaurs, we provide the setting for your story to unfold. Our series of interconnected universes allow you, and your characters to grow and evolve in unlimited ways. Due to our one of a kind universe, your characters stories and experiences matter forever. Your character has an impact on the Obliviverse, that will join the overarching lore and history of our rich universe. No where else will you find an experience similar to the Obliviverse, we guarantee it.

Legacy - Defined

Starting in November 1996, the rich history of the Obliviverse transcends any individual game or universe. Unlike most servers which wipe regularly and reset history season to season, our worlds have persisted from the beginning and only experience continual growth. We started the Obliviverse with one simple promise: We would never shut it down, and we never have. You can feel safe in the knowledge that the time, energy and passion you invest in your character and storyline is always safe in the Obliviverse. What are you waiting for, endless possibilities await. Sign Up Now