Before you begin on the server you will want to make sure you have STEAM open. This is because our server checks your Steam ID has been whitelisted before letting you login to the server.


Clearing FiveM Cache

To clear cache, you want to right click FiveM and click on Properties. Here you should see a button called “Open File Location”. Click that and it will open another window where it will have FiveM, FiveM Singleplayer and FiveM Application Data. The Application Data folder is iconed with a snail, just double click it and it will open. Then double click the CACHE folder, from there you\'ll want to delete everything BUT the GAME folder. You can now open FiveM and join with a fresh cache.


Map Zoom Fix

To fix the ugly black and grey map when zooming in game, check #gta-general pinned messages in Discord, you should find a message that links the download for MapZoomData. Download this file.

Right click FiveM and click on properties. Here you should see a button called “Open File Location”. Click that and it will open another window where it will have FiveM, FiveM Singleplayer and FiveM Application Data. The Application Data folder is iconed with a snail, just double click it and it will open.

Open the Citizen Folder, then the Common Folder, then the Data Folder and finally the UI Folder. Copy and paste the MapZoomData file you downloaded into there. This should fix your black box issue when using the map.


VOIP Setup

To set up VOIP which is the ingame VOIP, hit ESCAPE, go to SETTINGS and then cycle down to Voice Chat. Make sure voice chat is on. Go through and choose the microphone (input) and speaker/headphones (output) and adjust your volume for both accordingly (may require some tests).



  • F1 - Change Voice Volume (Shouting/Normal/Whispering)
  • F2 - Hud/Cinematic Toggle
  • F3 - Easy Handcuff (Police Only)
  • N - Default VOIP Key(Phone calls too)
  • T - Type in Chat
  • M - Toggle Ragdoll
  • X - Put hands up
  • K - Owned Vehicle Engine On/Off / Opens Delivery Truck rear doors
  • H - Turn off vehicle lights
  • U - Lock/Unlock Vehicle
  • B - Point
  • Sprinting(Holding SHIFT) + E - Tackle (OUTSIDE ONLY)
  • SHIFT+ B - Quick Point
  • ~/æ/ø/å - Menu
  • PAGE UP - Inventory
  • PAGE DOWN - Brings up your Cellphone
  • HOME - Brings up player list
  • CTRL - To crouch
  • ALT - Talk on Radio (Police Only)
  • Default GTA Keybinds may apply(IE To talk normal could be change, therefore to talk on phone will be that keybind too)
  • Emotes are typed out in chat. Example: /smoke
  • Walks are typed out in chat. Example: /maneater
  • For a list of the various emotes, walks, and facial features you can do: Here
  • Clearing Emotes with /clear

    Character Creation

    To create a character, you will want to head over to the the Obliviverse website and login with Steam. Once you done that you’ll want to click on your Steam profile picture up in the right hand corner. This will take you to your profile. It will show your Steam profile picture, Steam name as your username, the Obliviverse ID(Will be some number), Discord name, Twitch Name and email.

    Below this should be three red buttons that say 'Create Persona'.

    Create Persona

    Click 'Create Persona 1' to create your first character. Clicking this will bring you to a page where you will name your character, give them an age and determine what gender they will be. Once you’re done, click the green button that says “Create Persona”. Now you\'re ready to join the server.

    Once you’re in the server, you will be brought to a character select screen. This will display all current personas. Click on 'Select' for the persona you wish to login to in on.

    Upon First entering the city, you will appear at the Bus Depot. In your inventory (Page Up), you\'ll find a "Surgery Token" by picking this up (Clicking and dragging) and moving it over you "Use", you'll enter the face sizing and skin color editor, IE plastic surgery. While in this menu you can choose a variety of combinations of traits from your mother and father. This changing the thinness or pudgyness of your face, as well as different varieties of skin colors, and options to blend the two of them.

    From here you'll want to go to a couple locations on your map to customize your character. The first of these is the Yellow shirt icon that signifies the location of the clothing store. Upon entering the store, you can press either E to go through the various clothing items for your character, or Q to open up the props menu for hats and glasses and such. The UP and DOWN arrow keys to choose what part of the character you’re changing and the RIGHT and LEFT arrow keys to look at the different selections. Hitting ENTER on what you have selected will change the color or type. Make sure you can cycle through "Upper Body" options in the clothing store to find a set of arms/hands/torso isn’t poking through your clothing.

    The second place is the Barbershop, found by the Scissor icon on the GPS. Similar to the clothing store above, you have a couple menus through Q and E to change the different things about your facial features, or what hairstyle and color you want to have, etc.

    Here is a quick character creation video that showcases some of these steps, if you\'re a more visual person, about how to create your character.


    New In Town

    Once you leave the Bus Station, you can a couple things right away. You can call for an Ambassador. An ambassador is someone that's been around the city for a while and has signed up to help assist new people to town. Show them the ropes per-say and work with them to understand what they want to do in the city, and point them with the right people to help them further. Say you wanna be a gang member, well an ambassador can get in contact with people they know and have you meet them, or take you around themselves and show you how do to various things, get you a job, etc.

    To call for an Ambassador, you will look them up on Discord via this pinned post in #in-character-news-and-events to find a list of current Ambassador names and numbers, then give them a text in game to meet up with them to show you the ropes. Or take out your phone by pressing PAGE DOWN click on Phone and you can select Services where should be Ambasador call.


    Cellular Phone

    The cellphone is mostly used for global communication texting/calling/services. It can be brought up using the PAGE DOWN key.

    RPGenesis Phone

    There are four sections in the phone. The first section is for messages incoming and outgoing.

    The 2nd section is all for adding of contacts. directly into your phone. To do this, simply click "Add Contact" and give them a name and input their number.

    The 3rd section is for calling, either your friends, or services like Police, Ambassadors etc.

    The last section is for settings. This is where you can set your phone background, phone zoom, phone volume and size and what your phone looks like.

    To send a GPS to someone. When on the message, if you press the RIGHT ARROW key on your keyboard this will being up an option to "SEND GPS". Doing so will send your current location. If you want to put a marker on your map from one that someone sent you, press the UP ARROW key until you\'re highlighting said GPS message, then press ENTER.



    To open up your skill menu, press ~/æ/ø/å to open your menu, and go down to PLAYER, then go to SKILLS. This will bring up your skill menu

    RPGenesis Skills Menu

    This is the skill tree, in the middle of the screen you see "Choose Primary Skillset" and "Choose Secondary Skillset", these are your two skill that you get to choose that make up who you are as a citizen of the city. Click one of these boxes and it will bring up the following screen.

    RPGenesis Skills

    Once you have decided on your said skills. These are what you do as Jobs. So depending on what you've chosen, the below sections have brief descriptions on how to get started with your chosen skillsets.

    This same functionality works across all the skill tress. More will be released as time goes along.

    You can select from the following skills:

  • Civilian Skills
  • Criminal Skills
  • Whitelisted Roles
  • Crafting Skills

    Civilian Skills

    The civilian skills that are available to do currently:

  • Bus Driving
  • Package Delivery
  • Mechanic
  • Bus Driver

    This job is fairly self explainatory. Head down to the bus pickup station, up the street from pd. Step on the Green blip and get your bus. If you open your gps, you'll now see the available bus stops around the city. Drive your bus to one of these stops, and press G to start picking up locals at said stop. Your doors will stay open until the locals are done loading up into your bus. The first few stops will mostly be loading up people onto the bus, but afterwards locals will periodically depart from the bus first, then new one will load up onto the bus. This is when you\'ll get paid and get your skills for bus driving. To stop bus driving, you'll take your bus back to the station at any point and find the other Green blip near the parking lot to put your bus away.


    Delivery Driver

    Delivery Driver is one of the legal ways to make a good amount of money.

    The main action of delivery driver is acquiring a delivery truck from the icon of a green man shown on the GPS. Once you\'ve done that, you\'ll want to back your truck up to the wall of boxes behind you, step out of your truck and walk over to the boxes, then press E to pick up a box, bring it back to your truck and press E once more to put it into your truck. A truck can fit a certain amount of packages according to your skill in the delivery driver tree. Once you have your packages, you open up your map with ESC, and find the box symbols on the key labeled "Delivery".



    You're practicing at getting better at being a mechanic by doing simple repair jobs across the city for locals. To do this, simply press T and type /getjob . This will put a GPS marker on your map to take you to a local in need of a repair.

    Local Job

    You can purchase simple repair kits at Mr. Milk's Supermarket, found on the GPS via a green shopping cart icon, for 1500$. This is how you repair your own cars / other people's cars. To do this, you'll want to step inside the car you want to repair with F, then step back out, open your menu with ~/æ/ø/å , then go to Vehicle, then go to Repair Vehicle. This will use up your Standart Repair Kit and after a few seconds of animation, you've repaired the vehicle. Step back into the vehicle one more time, just to make sure the repair takes hold. Sometimes this is a little tricky when doing this for another player, so always double check they see their car repaired.

    The Mechanic hub is where you do a majority of your crafting

    Mech Hub

    This is what the place looks like and where it's located via street name. It can be found on your GPS. Upon entering the Mech Hub, on your right there is a "Staff Only" door, go through here, and then through the next door to the right. Once in this back area, you'll walk up to the crafting table and press E to open up your crafting menu and see what things you can create as a mechanic. These range from things like Paint kits, to neon kits, to engine upgrades. All of which can be crafted at different levels of being a mechanic.


    Criminal Skills

    The criminal skills that are available to do currently:

  • Hacker
  • Drug Dealer
  • Burglar
  • Car Thief
  • Gunsmith
  • Hacker

    A hacker needs to start somewhere. If you want to do your job first you'll need to head to Mr. Milk's Supermarket. There you need to buy a Datapad the price is 2000$. With that you can head to local Soda vending machines and you start hacking by pressing E

    Red Garage Vending Machine

    Now you'll should get to the actuall hacking part which is for you to figure it out. More to come!


    Drug Dealer

    To be added.



    To be added.


    Car Thief

    So you like stealing vehicles huh? So this job may be for you! Downtown in LS you can Chop vehicles for either money or parts. To steal a vehicle you need a Slimjims which you can get from Mr. Milk's Supermarket or from a Mechanic who is skilled enough to make them. When you manage to get them all you do is get a a car, pull up your inventory by pressing PAGEUP. And you have a chance of unlocking the door or damagin and loosing the Slimjim in process. All you do is drag Slimjim on USE button.

    The Mine

    Then if you get in to the chop with your stolen vehicle. You'll just drive up to the RED VEHICLE mark and either press E to chop for money. Or G to chop for parts.



    To be added.


    Whitelisted Roles

    These are whitelisted roles that are available to do currently:

  • Law Enforce Officer
  • Law Enforce Officer

    If you want to become a officer of our SASPD unit. You'll need to head to our Discord and put an #saspd-application Please use our form to apply.

    The Mine

    Crafting Skills

    The crafting skills that are available to do currently:

  • Mining
  • Mining

    Outside of the city. There's a certain Mine where you can go and get valuable materials, such as Coal, Potassium Nitrate, Sulphur etc.. But first you need to learn Mining. To do that you'll press your ~/æ/ø/å then you press on PLAYER head to CRAFTING and there you learn it. But you need to restart your game for it to work.

    The Mine

    Which u can use in various crafting such as Mechanic, Gunsmith. But also some materials can be refined in the Foundry where you can make things as Steel Ingots, Iron Ingot and such.

    The Mine

    These places can be found on the map.



    The properties and houses of Los Santos.

  • Houses
  • Organization Properties
  • Housing

    To view the houses which you can buy by simply typing /somthing


    Organization Properties

    Organizations can buy properties which can help them make products or own a club where they can sell they'r own goods. By pressing ~/æ/ø/å and selecting PLAYER and going to ORGANIZATION. Inside you should check which PROPERTIES who owns and which you can still buy.